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Call for papers



The Interdisciplinary Center for Studies and Research on Marx and Marxism (NIEP-Marx) invites for the International Colloquium Marx and Marxism 2017: from Capital to the October Revolution (1867-1917). In the year that celebrates and discusses the 150 years of the publication of the first edition of Marx’s Capital (Volume I) and 100 years of the October Revolution, Marx and Marxism 2017 could not but structure its programme around the double anniversary. NIEP-Marx invites participants, then, to reflect on questions of theoretical and/or historical order relative to these themes, from different angles but unified by the Marxist theoretical framework.


Therefore, 8 thematic axes were proposed in order to guide the call for papers:


1. The process of production of Capital

2. Theory of value and social antagonism

3. Culture, the Arts and revolution

4. State, party and revolution

5. Philosophical questions implied in Capital and in the October Revolution

6. Marxism and revolutions: theory and history

7. Education, class and class struggle

8. World market, imperialism and crises


Call for papers


The colloquium will accept just the registration of round tables on the themes defined by the thematic axes of the event (above). That is to say, the call for papers is, actually, a call for round tables. The tables shall be formed by 3 or 4 papers and be chaired by one of the participants. Now, considering the possible difficult of researchers coming from abroad to organise a table with this framework we are open to accept individual contributions.

Deadline for round table's (or paper's) registration: 9th of April, 2017 16th of April - new deadline. The registration is closed.

Deadline for sending complete papers


The deadline for sending complete papers is the 9th of July.


Paper preparation


Papers shall be in doc, docx, rtf or odt files, with the following format:

  • Margins: 3 cm left and right and 2,5 cm head and foot;

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pts, 1,5 space;

  • Limits: 10 to 30 A4 pages;

  • Include abstract of 250 words at most and 3 to 5 keywords.

Idioms of the event


Portuguese, Spanish and English.