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The event Marx and Marxism is the main activity developed by the NIEP-Marx. It is organised on a regular basis (yearly) since 2007. Until 2010, Marx and Marxism had the character of local course, functioning then as an extension activity, thematic and costless. In 2011, NIEP-Marx decided to organise Marx and Marxism in different formats, which would alternate in the following years. In odd years, the event has the form of colloquium and, in even years, it resumes the form of local course, that is to say, of extension activity.


The two previous editions of the event were:


2015: in its frame as an International Colloquium, it discussed the theme ‘Insurrections: past and present’. The event registered around 430 researchers, which made it possible to organize 69 sessions with 285 papers. The attendees came from almost all states of Brazil (mainly from the Southeast) and from South America (especially Argentina). Besides the plenary and parallel sessions, the Colloquium counted with two workshops: the first given by Dr. José Rodrigues and Dr. Kênia Miranda, both from UFF and NIEP-Marx, on the theme ‘Education, class and class struggle’; the second given by Dr. Marcello Musto, from the University of York (Canada), on ‘The History of Editions of Marx’s Writings and Recent Textual Acquisitions from MEGA2’.


2016: in the Marx and Marxism 2016, NIEP-Marx proposed a discussion on the theme ‘Capital and Power’. It has been organized as a regional course constituted by four plenary-lessons, but received attendees from various regions of Brazil. The event counted also with a workshop on ‘The Volume I and the critique of political economy: the process of production of Capital’, given by Dr. Marcelo Dias Carcanholo and Dr. João Leonardo Medeiros. Besides the expressive number of participants (265 out of 480 requests for registrations, with average participation of 130 participants per activity) the event, a huge audience watched the videos with the sessions on the group’s channel on the Youtube.