Marx and Marxism 2023: Democracy against capitalism? Renewing historical materialism


The 2023 edition of Marx and Marxism will only accept submissions of completed individual papers. It is very important to check standards, procedures and norms in the Call for papers before going any further.

The submission of papers is a differente procedure from registration. Submissions refer to the submission of papers for evaluation. Registration refer to individual registration for effective participation in the event. If the paper is approved, one of its authors will be exempt from paying the registration fee.

Submission fee

US$80,00 per paper. The submission process ends with the payment of the fee in PayPal, being possible to make the payment only by credit card.


Before starting the submission process, gather the following information/materials:

(1) name and institutional affiliation of all authors as they want it to appear in the annals of the event;

(2) two versions of the complete papers in pdf format, one completely anonymous, the other identified;

(3) titles, abstracts and keywords;

Disclosure of evaluation results: June, 20, 2023